Monday, April 13, 2009

Support autism research!

Last May, I joined 17,000 walkers on Soldier Field for Chicago’s Walk Now for Autism.  Together we raised almost $1.5 million to support autism research and to raise awareness about this increasingly common disorder.  (One in every 150 kids born today is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.)  I was proud to raise $400 in honor of my older brother, Luke, and I’m really grateful to all those who contributed to this cause.  Seriously!  So grateful!

This year, I’m trying to push myself a little further.  My brother Tyler and I have set a combined goal of $1,000 for this year’s event.  If you take a look at our current total, you’ll see that we have a long way to go (on account of the fact that we haven’t promoted this thing at all so far).  Please help us reach that goal!  Anything you can give will be appreciated, probably more than you’d expect.  I will appreciate you so much that it might make you a little uncomfortable.

Please donate to my page here:

Yes, I know that the minimum donation you can make on the site is $20.  If you can donate $20 or more, AWESOME, thank you!  If you want to contribute a smaller amount, I will still think you are a rad person.  You can use the printable donation form to mail your payment, you can send me money via PayPal ( and I can donate it for you, or you can bring a donation to Lucy’s table at the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, OR, this weekend, where I’ll be working as a booth babe.

Thanks in advance for your help!  The walk is on May 16th, I’ll be sure to post an update before then.

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